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Our core areas of focus which we see as the most dependable asset classes for growth in today’s world are; real estate, energy and private equity.

We believe that portfolios should be diverse, be backed by real assets, and should contain a blend of both capital growth and fixed income.

Blackmore Bonds

Blackmore Bond Plc has been established with the aim of delivering high-performing bonds with the underlying assets being entirely property focused.

Bondholders receive a fixed return over a term of either 4 or 5 years, with the funds being invested purely in UK real estate projects.

Investors also take a charge over the assets of the Company, administered by an independent trustee, as well receiving the protection of a Capital Protection Scheme underwritten by a large global insurer. This investment pays a quarterly fixed income, and capital is fully protected.

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Blackmore Multi Strategy

A listed investment company on the Frankfurt Boerse exchange, the investment strategy is to diversify the investment portfolio between two core asset classes – a strong focus on Property and a small allocation to Finance.

In order to achieve maximum diversification, we will look to invest in a broad range of investment types, including funds, direct equities and projects, with a blend of short, medium and long-term holds, to give balance to the overall portfolio. This is purely focused on medium to long-term capital growth.

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Blackmore Global

Blackmore Global offers a medium to long-term investment vehicle with a diversified investment portfolio under one structure.

This product allocates investment between four distinct protected cells, giving a true diversification of assets between property, sustainable, private equity and lifestyle.

In order to take advantage of as wide range of investments as possible, we invest in a number of investment vehicles including funds, companies, joint venture projects and equities.

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Blackmore Private Client

Blackmore Private client is a service set up specifically to assist institutions or high net worth individuals with the opportunity to access our expertise for either joint ventures or assistance with projects or concepts.

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