A multi-asset investment house

The Blackmore Group

The Blackmore Group is a prestigious, multi-asset investment house with £60m Assets Under Management and administration, offering both institutional and high net worth clients access to a variety of investment products in order to maximise returns.

We offer a suite of products to suit all types of investor, whether institutional or individual, both in the UK and worldwide.

Who we work with…


Blackmore Bonds


Blackmore Multi-Strategy

Blackmore Global


Blackmore Private Client

The Blackmore Group was founded on the core belief of putting client needs first. an investment portfolio should reflect the needs of the market today.

We believe that the key to successful investment strategy is a blend of painstaking research, experience, and diversification.

Phillip Nunn,

CEO, The Blackmore Group


Visit us at:

2 Mount St Manchester M2 5WQ


Visit us at:

2 Mount St Manchester M2 5WQ

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